Primary Faculty

Associate Professor, Showalter Scholar
Epigenetic and transcriptional regulation of metabolism, diabetes, obesity, diabetic complications, and fatty liver disease.

Understanding intrinsically disordered proteins using bioinformatics approaches and laboratory experiments.

Distinguished Professor, Chancellor's Professor,
Director of Center for Medical Genomics
Regulation of gene expression; genetics of complex diseases; molecular biology of alcohol metabolism and alcoholism.

Graduate Admissions Chairman
X-ray crystallographic, biochemical, and thermodynamic studies of protein-nucleic acid interactions involved in replication, nuclear export, and temporal gene expression.

Graduate Advisor
Molecular biology and genetics of cell division cycle regulatory mechanisms in yeast.

Associate Director, M.D./Ph.D. Program
Regulation and development of innate immune response; TNF signaling; blood cell development.

Assistant Professor
Structural biology of neurodegenerative disease and structure-based drug design.

Associate Professor
Molecular mechanisms underlying normal and aberrant Ca2+ signaling in neurons: kinases, molecular machines, and signaling modules. 

Chancellor's Professor, Associate Chairman,
Director of Center for Structural Biology
X-ray crystallography of enzymes; probing enzyme function through mutagenesis and small molecule discovery; kinetic analysis of enzyme - ligand interactions.

Steven M. Johnson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Exploiting the GroEL/ES chaperonin system as a mechanistically novel antimicrobial target, modulation of molecular chaperones and protein homeostasis for the development of oncology therapeutics, and development of Mycobacteria tuberculosis protein tyrosine phosphatase B inhibitors.

Molecular mechanism of non-homologous end joining repair in humans; Recognition of cisplatin-induced DNA damage in the early stage of nucleotide excision repair.

Hyun-Suk Lim, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Chemical biology and drug discovery: identification of small molecules that modulate cellular signaling pathways with an emphasis on protein-protein interactions for use as biological probes and therapeutic agents.

Associate Professor
Chemical Probing of Protein Interactions in Cancer and Neurological Disorders

Assistant Professor
Analysis of protein-protein interaction networks and post-translational modifications that regulate RNA Polymerase II transcription using protein mass spectrometry and genomics.

Regulation of cell signaling and cancer by Ras family GTPases.

Distinguished Professor , Chancellor's Professor,
Director of Center for Diabetes Research
Glycogen metabolism and its regulation. Covalent phosphorylation of glycogen, its metabolism and Lafora disease. Vesicular trafficking of glycogen to the lysosome and autophagy. Mouse models with genetically modified glycogen stores and blood glucose homeostasis.

Associate Professor
Protein-engineering and structural biology of molecular machineries in gene expression.

Associate Professor,
Director of Proteomics Core
The use of proteomic technologies such as label-free mass spectrometry-based shotgun protein quantification and multiple-reaction-monitoring (MRM) for biomarker development.

Showalter Professor
Mechanisms for coping with cellular stress. Regulation of gene expression by eIF2 kinases.

Associate Professor
Causal relationships between differentiation and growth control in Breast Cancer Development; Cross-talk between Cell polarity, HIPPO/YAP dependent transcription and ErbB/MAPK signaling.

Robert A. Harris Professor and Chairman
Chemical biology, signaling mediated by tyrosine dephosphorylation, targeting protein tyrosine phosphatases for the treatment of cancer, diabetes/obesity, autoimmune disorders, and infectious diseases.

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