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Your generous support is important to us. Your gift is tax-deductible as allowed by law. Download and print our donation form (pdf) and send it with your check (made out to Indiana University Foundation) to:

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Indiana University School of Medicine
635 Barnhill Drive, MS 4053
Indianapolis, IN 46202-5122


You can designate your donation to any of the existing accounts:

Biochemistry Donation Account 32 MBIO 020
  This provides for unrestricted support for the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology within the School of Medicine. This fund allows the department to use your contribution most effectively and strategically, for example to leverage other monies for new faculty recruitments, or to share the costs of acquiring critical new equipment.
Biochemistry Awards Fund 37 MBIO 011
  This account is particularly important for following faculty, post-doc, and grad student yearly awards: the Peggy Gibson Award for the best student paper, the Jack Davis Award for the best student seminar, the Gibson Prize which is provided in the School of Medicine’s Sigma Xi Graduate Student Research Competition, the annual departmental Retreat Poster Awards given to grad students and post-docs, and the Bowman Award for excellence in post-doctoral research.  Click the above links to view a list of past winners. 
Center for Diabetes Research 32 MCDR 018
  This fund provides support for basic science research into the various aspects of diabetes and its complications, including molecular mechanisms of action of insulin and other relevant hormones, molecular and cellular aspects of metabolic control, proteomic or genomic approaches to diabetes research, obesity, and islet cell biology.

Please be sure to indicate the account of your choice, including the account number, on your check.

Or, you may contact us if you are interested in setting up a new fund for another purpose.

Your employer may have a matching gift program that could double or even triple the amount of your contribution. Your own generous contribution can have an even greater impact on strengthening the excellence of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at IU School of Medicine.


PEGGY GIBSON AWARD for Best Paper by a Graduate Student
This award was established in memory of the wife of Dr. David M. Gibson, who chaired the Department from 1965 to 1988.

1991-92 Di Yang Edenberg Biochemistry
1992-93 Tom Hardy Roach Biochemistry
1993-94 In-Kyung Park DePaoli-Roach Biochemistry
1994-95 Paul Graves Roach Biochemistry
1995-96 Wenyan Miao Marshall Biochemistry
1996-97 Shuhao Zhu Wek Biochemistry
1997-98 Randy Shen Gen-Sheng Feng Biochemistry
Don-Qing Huang Roach Biochemistry
1998-99 Britta Jacobsen Skalnik Biochemistry
1999-00 Ruojing Yang Wek Biochemistry
2000-01 Hui Zong Quilliam Biochemistry
2001-02 Boli Huang Harris Biochemistry
Kun Ma Wek Biochemistry
2002-03 Angerla Nevins Thurmond Biochemistry
2003-04 Zejin Sun Bosron Biochemistry
2004-05 Heather Larson T. Hurley Biochemistry
2005-06 Thor Johnson Harris Biochemistry
2006-07 Heather Larson T. Hurley Biochemistry
2007-08 Jingliang Yan Quilliam Biochemistry
2008-09 Vincent Tagliabracci Roach Biochemistry
2009-10 Sulochandevi Baskaran T. Hurley Biochemistry
2010-11 Rachel Mullen Rhodes Biochemistry
Lakshmi (Reddy) Palam Wek Biochemistry
2011-12 Latha Ramalingam Thurmond Biochemistry
2012-13 Brian Teske Wek Biochemistry

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JACK DAVIS AWARD for Best Seminar by a Graduate Student
This award was developed in memory of Dr. E. Jack Davis, a faculty member of the Department from 1965 to his death in 1993. Throughout his appointment in Biochemistry, Dr. Davis gave a significant number of lectures to graduate and medical student classes as well as speaking at a large number of international scientific meetings. This award was established in his honor to recognize his many lectures on behalf of the department and to encourage our grad students in their progress towards the Ph.D. Degree.

1993-94 Paul Graves Roach Biochemistry
1994-95 An Song Harrington Biochemistry
1995-96 Don-Qing Huang Roach Biochemistry
1996-97 Randy Shen Gen-Sheng Feng Biochemistry
1997-98 Britta Jacobsen Skalnik Biochemistry
1998-99 Hui Zong Quilliam Biochemistry
1999-00 Bruce Diaz Wek Biochemistry
2000-01 Kirk Staschke Wek Biochemistry
2001-02 Heather Larson T. Hurley Biochemistry
2002-03 Suzanne Young Skalnik Biochemistry
2003-04 Hye-Sook Kwon Harris Biochemistry
2004-05 Eric Benson Harrington Biochemistry
2005-06 Brandy Akin Jones Biochemistry
2006-07 Kirk Habegger Elmendorf Biochemistry
2007-08 Sulochanadevi Baskaran T. Hurley Biochemistry
2008-09 Vincent Tagliabracci Roach Biochemistry
2009-10 Souvik Dey Wek Biochemistry
2010-11 Chandra Karthik Roach Biochemistry
Raleigh Malik Rhodes Biochemistry
2011-12 Derek Woods Turchi Biochemistry
2012-13 Cindy Morgan T. Hurley Biochemistry
2013-14 Jeff Willy Wek Biochemistry

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1988 Bei Zhang Biochemistry
1989 Willliam Nichols Medical Genetics
1990 Tom Hurley Biochemistry
1991 In-Kyung Park Biochemistry
1992 Catherine Carow Biochemistry
1993 Tom Hardy Biochemistry
1994 Cynthia Hingtgen Pharmacology/Toxicology
1995 Shuhao Zhu Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
1996 Angela Montel Microbiology/Immunology
1997 Jing Zhang Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
1998 Yvonne Kobayashi Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
1999 Nic Steussy Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
2000 Yijun Jin Cellular & Integrative Physiology
2001 Heidi Baumgartner Cellular & Integrative Physiology
2002 Kena Woods Microbiology/Immunology
2003 Esra Toussiant-Smith Microbiology/Immunology
2004 Guoli Chen Cellular & Integrative Physiology
2005 Jesse Savage Biology
2006 Christopher Lux Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
2008 Ross Cocklin Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
2010 William Ranahan Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

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As part of Biochemistry's Research Retreat Day, we encourage grad students, post-docs, and faculty to display posters and discusss their newest "hot off the press" works. We also provide four $100 prizes to the top posters among the students and post-docs; faculty are not eligible. An anonymous group of pre-selected faculty judges from other departments serve as the poster committee which views and discusses the works with the presenters. At the end of the poster session the judges decide on the top four posters. The winners are announced at the awards ceremony at the end of the event.

YEAR Winner, Department


(1st) Jill Paterson, Bloomington
(2nd) Nic Steussy, Biochemistry


*Susan Kline-Smith, Bloomington
*Ken Payie, Biochemistry
*Joel Yalowitz, Biochemistry
*Jingyuan Liu, Biochemistry
*Note: There were four winners in 2001-02
Note: Beginning in 2003, awards were made to students and post-docs only, and on an equal basis with no 1st or 2nd place winners


Name Lab Group Student or Post-doc
Suzanne Young Skalnik Student
Thor Johnson Harris Student
Angela Nevins Thurmond Student
Heather Larson T. Hurley Student
Jana Narasimhan Wek Post-doc


Sirisha Asuri Quilliam Student
Mandar Joshi Harris Student
Veerendra Munugalavadla Kapur Post-doc
Suzanne Young Skalnik Student


Jinbiao Chen Kapur Post-doc
Chad Hunter Rhodes Student
Christopher Lux Yoder Student
Kirk Staschke Wek Student


Jill Butler Skalnik Student
Emily Horvath Elmendorf Student
Alice (Ban) Ke Thurmond Student
Scott Witting Morral Post-doc


Heather Benson Wilkes Student
Rachel Mullen Rhodes Student
Jingliang Yan Quilliam Student
Xiao Yu Zhang Post-doc
2007-08 Elisabeth Lasater Ingram Student
Kirk Staschke Wek Student
Vinnie Tagliabracci Roach Student
Courtney Tate Skalnik Student
2009-10 Sulochanadevi Baskaran T. Hurley Student
Rachel Mullen Rhodes Student
William Ranahan Wells Student
Qi Zhang Lu Post-doc
2011-12 Soyoung Park Rhodes Student
Yasmeen Rahimi Harris Student
Jacquelyn Lajiness Conway Student
Bibek Parajuli T. Hurley Student
Jose Irimia-Dominguez Roach Post-doc
Nicole Ashpole (Honorable Mention) Hudmon Student
William Ranahan (Honorable Mention) Wells Student
Christopher Batuello (Honorable Mention) Mayo Student
Tsuyoshi Imasaki (Honorable Mention) Takagi Post-doc
Zhihong Yu (Honorable Mention) Zhang Post-doc
2013-14 Gerald Hunter Mosley Student
Jyothi Mahadevan Skalnik Student
Donna Cerabona Clapp Student
Halesha Basavarajappa Corson Student
Sisi Chen (Honorable Mention) Liu Student
Daniel Lewallen (Honorable Mention) Zhang Post-doc
Melanie Fox (Honorable Mention) Mosley Student
Yang Lin (Honorable Mention) Yoder Student

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As another part of Biochemistry's Research Retreat Day, we encourage grad students and post-docs to give an oral presentation of their current work.  We provide $100 prizes to the top presenters, with $50 prizes for second-place presenters.  A group of departmental faculty serves as judges for this event. At the end of the presentations, the judges decide on the top presentations. The winners are announced at the awards ceremony at the end of the event.  

Year Winner Lab Group Student or Post-doc


Cindy Morgan (Co-first place) T. Hurley Student
Jeff Willy (Co-first place) Wek Student
Matthew Justice (Co-second place) Petrache Student
Ragadeepthi Tunduguru (Co-second place) Thurmond Student


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The graduate students developed this award to recognize and honor the efforts of a faculty mentor who provided outstanding support during the academic year. It is named for Dr. Robert A. Harris, who chaired the Department from 1988 until 2004. The students vote on the award which is presented during at the awards ceremony at the close of the Biochemistry Research Retreat Day.

Year Winner
2000-01 Dr. Robert A. Harris
2001-02 Dr. Peter J. Roach
2002-03 Dr. Anna Depaoli-Roach
2003-04 Dr. Mark Goebl
2004-05 Dr. Thomas Hurley
2005-06 Dr. Maureen Harrington
2006-07 Dr. Ron Wek
2007-08 Dr. Lawrence Quilliam
2008-09 Dr. Howard Edenberg
2009-10 Dr. Peter J. Roach
2010-11 Dr. Thomas Hurley
2013-14 Dr. Millie Georgiadis

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The Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Indiana university School of Medicine established the MCAT Incentive Prize following the retirement of Dr. Edwin T. Harper. It honors Dr. Harper for the many contribtuions he made to the Master of Science in Medical Sciene (MSMS) Program. The MCAT Incentive Prize recognizes outstanding achievement in the form of a cash prize for every first year MSMS student whose score increases by at least 7 points following the summer MCAT Preparation Program. This program serves as the cornerstone of the MSMS experience, permitting students to develop skills and habits that carry over into other endeavors and serving them well for life. The challenge of mastering the MCAT provides the first opportunity in the MSMS program for personal transformation that will lead to medical school admission and success in a medical career.

Year Winner
2004 JaCara Kelley-Muhammad


Nikisha Richards
Chayla Chasten
Kim Green
Scheri-Lyn Green


Alana Biggers
Nicole Beavers


Emmary Butler
Crystal Higgs
Ashley McCann
Chelsea Ngongang
Santiago Pineda
Courtland Price
2008 Michelle Baloski
2009 Alan Kojima

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This award was named for Donald Bowman, Ph.D., first chair of the Department of Biochemistry in the IU School of Medicine at Indianapolis. This prize recognizes excellence in research in biochemistry by a post-doctoral fellow at the IU School of Medicine. Bowman Award competitions have been held since 1981.

Year Winner Lab Group Department
1981 Alec Lu Lawrence Lumeng Medicine
1982 David Crabb Ting-Kai Li Med/Biochem
1983 Zafeer Ahmed Peter J. Roach Biochem
1984 Sharon A. Coolican David R. Hathaway Med/Pharm & Tox
1985 Heather K. B. Simmerman Larry R. Jones Med/Pharm & Tox


(1st) James F. Hyde Nira Ben-Jonathan Physio & Biophys
(2nd) Rex A. Parker David M. Gibson Biochem


(1st) Carol Fiol Peter J. Roach Biochem
(2nd) Alan Maherenholz Peter J. Roach Biochem


(1st) Lucinda G. Carr Howard J. Edenberg Biochem
(2nd) Horst Flotow Peter J. Roach Biochem


(1st) Leonard Adam David R. Hathaway Med/Pharm & Tox
(2nd) Ilona Farkas Peter J. Roach Biochem


(1st) Torsten Ehrig William F. Bosron Biochem
(2nd) Elizabeth A. Ecklund Theodore G. Gabig Medicine
1991 No competition held this year.


(1st) Tom Hurley William F. Bosron Biochem
(2nd) Tinggui Yui Yu-Chung Yang Med/Biochem


(1st) Alexander Skurat Peter J. Roach Biochem
(2nd) Masato Horie Hal Broxmeyer Medicine
1994 No competition held this year.


(1st) Ho Yeong Song David Donner Walther Onc/Physio
(2nd) Tomoyuki Uemichi Merrill Benson Med/Medical Genetics


(1st) Kristin Chun Mark Goebl Biochem
(2nd) Xinlai Sun Asok Antony Hematology/Oncology
1997 No competition held this year. Future competitions will be held once every 2-3 years.  


(1st) Alastair King Mark Marshall Radiology/Oncology
(2nd) Neal Mathias Mark Goebl Biochem
(2nd) Andrew Roberts David Williams Wells Ctr for Ped Res


(1st) Kui Shin Voo David Skalnik Wells Ctr for Ped Res
(2nd) Wayne Wilson Peter J. Roach Biochem


(1st) Lindsey Mayo David Donner Microbiology & Immuno
(2nd) Yin Guo Rob Hromas Medicine


(1st) Helen Jiang Ron Wek Biochem
(2nd) Hanying Chen Weinian Shou Wells Ctr for Ped Res


(1st) Xiao Yu Zhong-Yin Zhang Biochem
(2nd) Kristie Goodwin Millie Georgiadis Biochem

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